ATHLETIC CLUB

Club Results 2010 January - October


1st January 2010:Prince of Wales Kenfig 4.1 mile: Mike Halsall 26-16(13th), Eric Davey 27-00(16th)(1stmv60), 63 people finished.


17th January 2010:Cardiff Cross Challenge: U15 Girls 4.2k:Leah Wilson-Randell 16-09(80th) 101 finished, Under 17 Women 4.5k: Stacey Webber 18-53(25th) 72 finished, Junior Women 4.8k Emily Downey 19-02(21st) 42 finished. Results 

24th January 2010: Corus 5 Mile Road Race(West Glam League):

Mike Halsall 32-22(69th), Eric Davey 34-19(94th), 233 people finished.


31st January 2010: Liswerry 8 Mile(Newport): Eric Davey 54-59(121st), Mike Halsall 65-22(260th), 401 people finished.  Results


6th February 2010:Cardiff Park Run 5k: Mike Halsall 19-40(27th), 182 people finished. Results

13th February 2010:Gwent Cross CountryLeague(Brecon): Mike Halsall 43-05(137th), Eric Davey 43-16(139th), 200 people finished.


20th February 2010:Welsh Cross Country Championships: U20 Women: Emily Downey 23-18(3rd), 19 people finished.  

U15 Girls: Stacey Webber 20-21(4th), Leah Wilson-Randell 21-56(11th), 21 people finished. Results

21st February 2010:Pontypridd Reverse 10 mile: Eric Davey 69-40(108), 332 people finished. Results



4th April 2010:Teifi Ten(Lampeter): Eric Davey 71-59(73rd), 139 people finished. Results

5th April 2010:Carmarthen Mayors 5k: Emily Downey 20-16(29th), Jenny Phillips 20-49(39th), Mike Halsall 20-57(40th), 111 people finished. Results

1500m: Stacey Webber 4m 47 secs(2nd) 1st girl 9,10,11. Results  

18th April 2010:Porthkerry Plod 5(Barry): Eric Davey 36-52(24th), 132 people finished. Results

18th April 2010:Welsh Senior League(Swansea):8 Club Athletes took part:

100m U17W Sravya Abburu 14.6secs(3rd)

800m U17W Stacey Webber 2m 28.7(2nd), Elin Evans 3m 00.0(4th)

1500m U20W Ffion Evans 5m 35.7(1st)

3000m Senior Women Jenny Phillips 11m 24.9(1st)

100m U17M Daniel Thomas 12.80secs(2nd)

400m U17M Oliver Xiang 64.3secs(3rd)

100m Senior Men Jonathan Williams 11.8secs(1st)

   "         "       "    Mark Williams 13.1secs(6th)

400m Senior Men Jonathan Williams 50.3secs(1st)


April 24th 2010:Louise Arthur League(U11-U15)(Carmarthen):19 Club Athletes took part: Results 




May 2nd 2010:National Young Athletes League(Llanelli & Neath Combined U13-U17)(Carmarthen). Results

May 6th 2010:Welsh Masters League(Cardiff): 1 Club Athlete took part: Jenny Phillips 400m 70.3secs(2nd), 800m 2m 37.7(3rd), Results

May 6th 2010:Whitford Point Multi-Terrain(Llanmadoc,Gower): Eric Davey 43-24(48), 124 people finished. Results

May 9th 2010:Trapp 4.8 mile: Eric Davey. No Results Available.

May 9th 2010:West Wales Track and Field Championships(Swansea): 11 Club Athletes took part:

100m U15B Heats Aidan James 12.4secs(3rd)Q: Final 12.54(4th)

100m U15B Heats Steffan Griffiths 12.8secs(3rd)Q: Final 13.1(6th)

200m U15B Final Aidan James 25.5secs(2nd)

300m U15G Final Danielle Franklin 45.5secs(2nd)

800m U15G Final Danielle Franklin 2m 32.6(3rd), Stephanie Wilson-Randell 2m 36.1(4th)

80m Hurdles Final Steffan Griffiths 16.0secs(4th)

100m U17W Final Sravya Abburu 13.9secs(6th)

800m U17W Final Stacey Webber 2m 36.5(3rd)

1500m U20W Final Emily Downey 5m 15.2(1st)

100m SM Final Mark Williams 12.6secs(3rd)

400m SM Final Jonathan Williams 49.1secs((1st)

800m SM Final Jonathan Williams 2m 00.3(1st)

800m SW Final Jenny Phillips 2m 33.8(2nd)

1500m SW Final Jenny Phillips 5m 18.7(2nd)

Triple Jump U20W Kara Steadman 9.39m(1st)


May 11th 2010:Swansea Bay 5k: Jenny Phillips 20-18(74th), 407 people finished. Results

May 15th 2010:Cardiff Park Run 5k: Mike Halsall 20-26(53rd), 192 people finished. Results 

May 16th 2010:National Young Athletes League(Llanelli & Neath Combined U13-U17)(Carmarthen). Results

May 19th 2010:SSAFA 5k Cardiff: Mike Halsall 20-16(40), 76 people finished. Results

May 21st 2010:Ras Y Llychau(Talley): Eric Davey 21-16(39), 131 people finished. Results

May 22nd 2010:Louise Arthur League(U11-U15)(Neath): 18 Club Athletes took part: Results

May 23rd 2010:Newcastle Emlyn 10k: Eric Davey 47-14(8th), 46 people finished. Results

May 26th 2010:Merthyr Mawr 5k(Bridgend): Mike Halsall 20-43(67th), 112 people finished. Results

May 29th 2010:Welsh Senior League(Newport): 7 Club Athletes took part:

200m U17W Elin Evans 31.1secs(1st)

300m U17W Elin Evans 48.9secs(2nd)

800m U17W Stacey Webber 2m 31.7(1st)

1500m U20W Emily Downey 5m 13.9(1st), Ffion Evans 5m 42.8(2nd)

800m SW Jenny Phillips 2m 33.4(1st)

1500m SW Jenny Phillips 5m 17.1(1st)

100m SM Jonathan Williams 11,8secs(1st), Mark Williams 13.4secs(4th)

400m SM Jonathan Williams 49.7secs(1st)




July 3rd 2010:British Masters Championships (Cardiff): 1 Club Athlete took part: 1500m Jenny Phillips 5.04 (Silver Medal):  Results 

July 3rd 2010:Welsh Schools Championships (Brecon): 6 Club Athletes took part:  Results 

July 10th 2010:Welsh U17-U20 Championships (including U13-U15 1500m and all age group walks) (Carmarthen): 3 Club Athletes took part:

U17W 800m Final Stacey Webber 2.36.41 (4th)

U20W Triple Jump Final Kara Stedman 9.57m (3rd)

U15g 1km Walk Final Ellie Dainton 5.29.41 (1st)


July 11th 2010:Ammanford 10k: Eric Davey 43-47(34th)(1st MV60), Mike Halsall 43-52(36th), 112 people finished. Results

July 11th 2010:Louise Arthur League (U11-U15)(Barry): 20 Club Athletes took part: Results: Boys Girls  Photos

July 13th 2010:Swansea Bay 5k: Jenny Phillips 20-14(72nd)(FV35 Series Winner), Mike Halsall 21-14(91st), 361 people finished. Results

July 15th 2010:Llanelli 5k: Hugh Evans 25-48(17th), 30 people finished. Results

July 17th 2010:Welsh Senior League (Newport): 5 Club Athletes took part:

800m SW Jenny Phillips 2m 33.2(1st)

1500m SW Jenny Phillips 5m 13.86(1st)

100m SM Mark Williams 13.01secs(2nd)

200m SM Mark Williams 26.93secs(2nd)

800m SM Jonathan Williams 1m 57.46(1st)

1500m SM Jonathan Williams 4m 15.32(1st)(PB)

1500m SM Mike Halsall 5m 30.16(3rd)

3000m SM Mike Halsall 11m 40.2(2nd)

Long Jump SM Andrew Thomas 6.37m(1st)

Shot Putt SM Andrew Thomas 10.05m(2nd)


July 18th 2010:National Young Athletes League (Llanelli & Neath combined U13-U17)(Cardiff). Results

July 25th 2010:Tenby 10k: Eric Davey 43-03(42nd), 227 people finished. Results 

July 28th 2010:Welsh Masters League(Cardiff): 2 Club Athletes took part:

3000m M35 Mike Halsall 11m 35.1(5th)

Javelin M35 Mike Halsall  18.34m(5th)

800m F35 Jenny Phillips 2m 33.0(2nd)


July 28th 2010:Inter Club U11-U13 League (Swansea): 8 Club Athletes took part: Results


August 6th 2010:Llansteffan 5 Mile Multi-terrain: Eric Davey 36-20, Mike Halsall 38-35, 50 people finished. No results available.

August 7th 2010:Welsh Athletics Plate & Cup Qualifier(Cardiff): 13 Club Athletes took part: Results

August 7th 2010:Celtic Games(Athlone, Ireland): 1 Club Athlete took part: U16G 100m Laura Davies 12.47secs(2nd): Results

August 8th 2010:Masters Inter Area challenge(Solihull): 2 Club Athletes took part: Long Jump M35 Andrew Thomas 6.47m(1st), 800m W35 Jenny Phillips 2m 33.5(2nd). Results: Men  Women

August 11th 2010:Welsh 3000m Championships(Neath Open Meeting):  1 Club Athlete took part: Emily Downey 11m 53.60(7th). Results

August 12th 2010:Llanelli 5k: Eric Davey 20-19(12th), Hugh Evans 24-19(23rd), 36 people finished. Results

August 14th 2010:Cardigan 10k: Eric Davey 43-50(22nd), 46 people finished. Results 

August 15th 2010:Ingli Runners 10k(Fishguard): Eric Davey 43-22(26th) (1stMV60), 91 people finished. Results

August 15th 2010:Gerald Codd Trophy(U11-U15)(Haverfordwest): 19 Club Athletes took part. Results, Boys Girls

August 15th 2010:Welsh Masters Championships(Cardiff): 2 Club Athletes took part: 800m W40 Jenny Phillips 2m 34.5(1st)

                           1500m W40 Jenny Phillips 5m 12.7(1st)

                           100m M35 Andrew Thomas 11.7secs(1st)

                           Long Jump M35 Andrew Thomas 6.21m(1st)

                           Triple Jump M35 Andrew Thomas 12.20m(1st)


August 22nd 2010:Swansea Summer 5k: Mike Halsall 19-45(48), 87 people finished. Results

August 28th 2010:Cardiff Park Run 5k: Mike Halsall 19-36(37), 249 people finished. Results

August 28th 2010:British Milers Club Grand Prix(Cardiff): 1 Club Athlete competed: 800m (Race C) SM Jonathan Williams 1m 51.56(1st)(PB). Results   Video

August 29th 2010:Welsh Inter Regional Championships(Cardiff): 6 Club Athletes took Part: 400m SM Jonathan Williams 51.30secs(1st)

                            800m SM Jonathan Williams 1m 56.23(1st)

                            100m U15G Laura Davies 13.05secs(2nd)

                            200m U15G Laura Davies 26.43secs(1st)

                            800m U15G Danielle Franklin 2m 34.99(3rd)

                            1k Walk U15G Ellie Dainton 5m 52.69(1st)

                            Javelin U15G Lauren Harvey 20.63m(7th)  

                            Long Jump SM Andrew Thomas 6.43m(2nd)               Results 




September 12th 2010:Cardiff 10k: Mike Halsall 41-30(194th), 2189 people finished.  Results

September 12th 2010:Peasmore 5 Mile(Newbury,Berkshire): Eric Davey 34-17(22nd)(1stMV60), 175 people finished. Results  Photos

September 26th 2010:Swansea 10k: Mike Halsall 41-41(242nd), Ffion Evans 46-11(529th), 2863 people finished.  Results

September 26th 2010:Dale 10k: Eric Davey 42-40(16th)(1stMV60), 87 people finished.  Results



October 10th 2010:Gwent Cross Country League(Bridgend): Senior Women: Jenny Phillips 27.41(29th), 177 finished. Senior Men: Eric Davey 43.23(198th), Mike Halsall 44.12(213th), 291 finished.  Results    Video

October 24th 2010:Stroud Half Marathon: Eric Davey 1h 29-26(164th), Mike Halsall 1h 42-53(493rd), 1596 people finished.  Results